Help Stop Bullying

Want To ​​Help Stop Bullying?


​​Here at King Screens we have partnered up with Justin Wren and the Heroes in Waiting organization to help put an end to bullying. Every time you place an order over $100 dollars with King Screens $10 will be given directly to the Heroes in Waiting organization. Feel good about giving to a good cause.​​

​​The Facts:

​​Taken from the Heroes in Waiting website

  • ​​12 million students will be bullied in the US this year
  • ​​49% of students from grades 4-12 have experienced bullying
  • ​​75% have seen bullying take place in their school
  • ​​160,000 kids skip school every day because of relentless bullying
  • ​​29% of bullied student’s experience prolonged bullying
  • ​​15% seriously consider suicide
  • ​​7% attempt suicide.

​​A Message from the Founder.

​​Bullying has hit close to home for me. It has deeply affected me, my wife Brooke and my 3 kids. I can’t imagine going to school every day surrounded by people that want to do you harm. Even worse, with the long reach of social media having to deal with bullying around the clock. Never being able to turn off the remarks and comments. I am committed to ensuring that we do our part to help put an end to bullying. Please join me.

The Bullied — Fight for the Forgotten


Fight For The Forgotten 03D White Back