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Kings Screens is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the best and highest quality stickers. That’s why we specialize in vinyl stickers. We offer a wide range of sticker options to fit your branding and marketing needs, Our sticker making process will enable you to order the perfect stickers in any size, any shape, any quantity, and in professional grade vinyl quality.

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Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers

There are no extra costs for when you order our die cut stickers, however, there is a minimum order in order to purchase them. Simply ask your King Screens professional and they will offer the most transparent pricing and details regarding ordering stickers. You can upload any artwork you choose directly to our professionals. Keep in mind, King Screens is not liable for any copyright infringement should you provide any designs that have been licensed elsewhere without the proper rights to do so. (Sorry, not sorry kiddos. We’d just rather not get involved in swagger jacking) Don’t have an original concept for your design yet? No problem! King Screens also has an art direction team that can help you create a custom design from your concept, or modify any existing artwork in order to help your vision make it to print. If you’re interested in this, reach out to us at, and attach your artwork or provide a proof of design concept – our awesome sales team will respond to you with a quote, and if it is your first time ordering with us we will provide your digital mockup for just $1. Transform your artwork today into a high quality custom, one of a kind (except you, Plagiarism Paul) vinyl die-cut sticker to ensure 100% epicness. You might not know this already, but Die-cut stickers are actually formed to the shape of your provided image, which is the end all be all for your unique approach to reaching your clients or customers.

The most bad @$% quality of die-cut stickers is the fact that they are a one of a kind, versatile product. The options are endless when it comes to your imagination of what you want this product to be, or where you choose to stick your custom die-cut stickers, or what to use them for. From laptop covers, to water bottles, bus stops, or your least favorite window… Our stickers are printed on white vinyl, meaning they can be stuck on any smooth surface without the hassle of tearing them when removed. (No promises guaranteed when it comes to removing that sticky leftover residue. We’re good, but we’re no gods of adhesive removal) Your custom stickers will stay stuck until peeled off, scraped off, or burned off. A certain Texas Ranger might be the only thing tougher than our vinyl stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for King Screens to make and produce my custom sticker?

A: Here at King Screens, we pride ourselves on getting our products in the hands of our customers and their consumers ASAP! Once you have submitted your design order to one of our specialists, your custom design is reviewed, sent back to you as a proof for approval, and once approval has been received we send it directly to the printer. The entire process can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days depending on the overall scale of your design.


Q: Do your stickers come in various degrees of thickness? (i.e. Are your vinyl stickers larger in thickness compared to the average market sticker?)

A: At King Screens, all of our custom stickers, vinyl or not, are all printed to be the exact same thickness. This ensures the durability of your end product no matter if you opt for vinyl or not. As far as measurements go, we have to retain some trade secrets, but just imagine the thickness of your favorite brand of manilla envelope. That’s close. Our design was thought up with your ease of use in mind. It guarantees a sharp look with an even stronger hold, but still maintains little difficulty when trying to remove or reuse.


Q: Just how hard is it to apply my custom die-cut sticker to a surface or object?

A: It’s as easy as “peel and slap”! Our Die-cut sticker application is incredibly simple, and let’s be honest, we’ve all been applying stickers since we were little kiddos. Don’t act like you didn’t own a sticker book at one point in your life. Much like your childhood, you can simply peel back the sticker from the wax coated sheet it is attached to. After liberating and freeing your custom die-cut sticker, place it on the desired surface by pressing down on the middle of the sticker and pressing outwards. This allows for full coverage of the sticker adhesive, as well as assists in smoothing out any potential air bubbles hiding under the surface. Because after all, nobody wants to slap a sticker down and have the end product look like a bowl of lumpy mashed potatoes.


Q: Can I stick my custom stickers to any surface or does it need to be smooth and bump free?

A: Listen bud, our Die-cut stickers can virtually be stuck to pretty much any surface known to man. Due to the durable nature of vinyl, King Screen’s die-cut stickers can be stuck to even uneven surfaces or objects without tearing. You might experience some warping, but hey what did you expect? A flat object doesn’t quite sit well on a warped or obscure surface. That’s just science, my friend. Now, If you would like to recycle A.K.A reduce and reuse your custom stickers, of course we would recommend that you apply them to smooth, flat surfaces devoid of dirt or any other particles in order to receive the best results and overall longevity of your sticker babies.


Q: Can I put die-cut stickers on any kind of helmet or other round surface. I’m asking for a friend…?

A: Please tell your friend the following: At King Screens, our vinyl stickers are made up of a super durable, high stretch material, so it is possible to apply them directly on round surfaces. Keep in mind, our products are beefy enough to stick, but they may not adhere well to the more ridiculous shapes, especially ones that are considerably smaller than the sticker itself. We’d also like to throw out an honorable mention and state that items with a coated exterior such as certain grainy or fuzzy textures will affect the adhesiveness of your sticker.


Q:Are there any additional costs to customize the borders of my custom stickers? Other sticker manufacturers charge a fee for anything outside their design templates…

A: Hell no! Our sticker design process guarantees one transparent, flat rate cost for your custom sticker design. It’s as simple as that. We offer a standard border size and color, but both of these can be tweaked to your specifications. Feel free to ask us about changing the color or size of your borders! Keep in mind, our stickers still fall in line with our minimum order requirements, but this does not add to the cost of your design PER STICKER like other providers. Order any quantity over the minimum requirement if you want to get extra crazy and you only pay the minimum design fee! In order to provide our customers with a wide variety of options, we offer a mixed bag of die-cut shapes ranging from your standard geometric shapes Such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals, to custom shapes that fit your artistic designs or that form fit to your font selection. We’ve got your back, bro.


Q: Do you offer any stickers with additional cut outs?

A: We live to serve our customers and community, which is why we offer fully customizable orders. If you prefer to have a more intricate and unique design with parts of your artwork or logo or design to contain cut outs, we’ve got you. Simply send your design or artwork to, and our team will get back to you with a quote and digital proof in no time!

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